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  • Ready-to-go prospecting stuff to start closing Attorneys today.
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Local Marketing Consultation is a $100 Billion market. It's proven that people are running their dream business online by providing online marketing services to local businesses. And...

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Both Newbies and Experienced Offline Marketers Can Make a Killing Using This Brand New and Amazing Toolkit
If you are a newbie and planning to start a profitable business online, then this toolkit is a MUST HAVE for you. It empowers you to start your very own profitable Local Consulting Agency within the next 48 Hours.

  • Without spending a fortune on it.
  • No more confusing codes.
  • No other technical skills needed!

It's as SIMPLE as That!

And, in case you are an experienced marketer, then this toolkit will help you to establish yourself as an INSTANT AUTHORITY over your competitors.

Now you can have the key to success for Attorneys that presents you as the authority, builds credibility, and positions you as an expert business consultant.

This is something Attorneys would kill to get access to, and finally, you as a marketers can make some crazy money starting today.

So don't wait!

Start Your Own Local Consulting Agency
For a Special Discounted Price

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Highly Secured
Verified & Secure Checkout via JVZoo. Pay Via Credit Card or Paypal

100s of Thousands of Attorneys will BEG You for These Services!

As you already know, Attorney is a very profitable and RED HOT market. Niches don't come much hotter than this.

Maybe the following facts will open your eyes to the endless profit potential that is within this outstanding Billion dollar niche:

So the question isn't whether Attorneys need a positive online presence! The question is how well they do it to get MAX OUT OF IT!

They don't have a choice. They need an expert Local Consultant to help them reach to their goals.

And If you've ever wanted to have a business that can pay your mortgage with only a few minutes of work... to have clients who love what you do so much that you can't stop them coming back for more, and to join hundreds of offline consultants using the toolkit that makes it all possible, please pay attention to every word on this page.

Dr. Nimisha Vijay

Dr. Amit Pareek

Hi, My name is Dr. Nimisha Vijay,

For last 6 years, I and My Business partner Dr. Amit Pareek are providing offline consulting services to business owners to get them maximum conversions, lead and sales and MOST IMPORTANTLY, now we are running a very profitable, 7 FIGURE business ONLINE. And you know what, we are not ALONE.

Offline Consulting can be a GOLDEN EGG LAYING HEN!

People are making 6, 7 even 8 figure income with only few serious clients. Before I share with you the secrets...

Here are the 4 "traditional and painful" ways to become an offline consultant.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #1: Most offline marketers don't have their agency website with a good portfolio on it to show them as an expert.
And they just call to each and every business indexed on yellow pages and hope they will pay them 1000s of bucks.
They forget that every business owner is not a right prospect. You should contact a business owner in RED HOT niche like Attorney who desperately need your service.


PAINFUL PROBLEM #2: Learn it first and Do It yourself – it's not a surprise that it takes years of time & thousands of dollars from your pocket to learn- what works and what simply don't for local businesses.

It requires a lot of knowledge to drive RESULTS to businesses.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #3: They don't have access to the right tools to get the desired results for client's business and just go here and there, Buy poorly coded themes, Unsafe HTML templates, boring video templates or buy ugly graphics templates and mess around with confusing codes & designs.

Not just poor quality, they also charge anywhere from $50 to $150 for just one template without any developers license.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #4: Hire a freelancer with ZERO marketing experience.

They charge anywhere from $15-30 per hour, suck your time in guidance & testing AND WHAT YOU GET IS a horrible FINAL outcome. At the end of it all, thousands of dollars are wasted.

Not only it is painful, but it is also the reason WHY 99% of the offline marketers NEVER made a penny online.

We were in the same boat when we started with offline consultation.

With 6 years of failure and improvement, banking on our previous experience of serving 100s of local businesses and by coaching 100s of online and offline marketers; we learned what works and what simply not for local businesses in order to maximize their lead generation, conversions and sales.

We've discovered that for a long term and profitable consultation business, you REALLY need to STOP creating boring websites and less engaging videos that SIMPLY DO NOT help your clients to grow their businesses.

That's exactly why we have created a Set of POWERFUL TOOLS with cutting edge features that's missing from the Offline consulting marketplace so we don't have to go through all this.

Now when we make sites for our clients, it takes just 7 minutes, because we use a proven template, and that's what we're going to offer you today.

PRESENTING, A NEW ERA in Offline Consulting,
Insta-Consultant Attorney Toolkit

A completely new and revolutionary combination of the latest technology & Offline marketing expertise.

It's a powerful set of professional tools & training that will give you INSTANT AUTHORITY to get access to unlimited potential clients having BIG checks ready in their pocket to handover to you in a PROVEN and 100 Billion dollar Niche: Attorney!

And it empower you to start your very own profitable Local Consulting Agency within the next 48 Hours

  • Without spending a fortune on it.
  • No more confusing codes.
  • No other technical skills needed!

    It's as SIMPLE as That!

Let's have a sneak peek of this A-Z Consultation Toolkit

Tool #1
Attorney Business Website Templates
That is SEO & SMO Friendly and Compatible with ALL the Devices Including Mobile Phones

With our super customizable website templates, we are giving you the POWER to create 100% Secure and lighting FAST websites & mobile sites for your local clients in under 7 minutes.

As an offline expert, you think to yourself: What do I need to create stunning websites for my clients? Well, our BUSINESS Website Templates ALREADY has it!!

You Can Even Choose From 5 Distinct Colours

Do you want to create beautiful websites with portfolios, services and testimonials to engage customers? YOU CAN DO IT and these pages are already filled with all the content needed.

Do you want to create a lightning fast mobile site that Google loves and also converts your visitors into leads? Yes, You can do that, too. Our templates are 100% responsive and works great on all the devices.

You can also set a Google Map, Beautiful Slider, Lead Generation Form or a Strong Call to Action; whatever you want in just few clicks of your mouse and literally force visitors to take action for what you want.

These templates are already optimized for SEO and social media.

Isn’t it SUPER Cool?
See what Tantan Hilyatana has to say about it:

- Tantan Hilyatana
Online Entrepreneur
I just look at the business website template and whiteboard video commercials, they're amazing, this package is easily worth hundreds of Dollar. Look no further, this is all-in-one and the perfect solution for anyone who wants to sell web service to their clients.

Tool #2
High-Converting Video Commercial to Turn Visitors into Potential Clients

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”.

Everyone knows that video is the best way to sell online, but hardly anyone's confident they can make one... and even the ones that are confident don't have the time.

So when you can provide a completely ready-made video commercial they can just plug into their new website and have it pull in the customers... ask for $400 and they'll bite your hand off.

Just take a look at the demo video

  • Don't have video editing knowledge? Don't worry, we have created 2-3 minutes of professional videos, ready to be used on client websites. You'll never need to hire an expensive video guy again.
  • Video Comes in MP4 format so works great on all the devices like Mac, PC, Tablets and Mobile phones.
  • It also comes with all the raw footage files so you can edit them however you want within a minute.
  • You'll get a professional sales video script written by our expert offline marketers to engage each and every visitor to make them paying customers.
  • Professional US voiceovers... so you're not just offering a completely plug and play service, you're massively increasing the value too
  • You'll get all the attractive graphics & characters we used to create the videos.
  • You can charge anywhere from $400-1000 a POP for these commercials alone.

See what a video marketer, Ankit Mehta has to say about our video commercial service:

- Ankit Mehta
(Creator of Video Suite Pro & Authority Point)
People on my list simply Loves Offline Stuffs and The Awesome Toolkit Created by Dr. Amit & Dr. Nimisha's Team is just like Ready-To-Serve Hot SIZZLING Brownie with Ice-Cream and Chocolate Sauce on it! For Offline Consultants, Nothing can be better than this!

Tool #3
Social Media Management Toolkit to Present Your Client as an Authority on Social Media

Social Media is HOT these days. Local businesses will pay you any amount to build their positive social presence and our handy pack will help you do that in just an hour. Our service pack includes:

40 Professional cover and profile images:

Inside this pack, you'll get 5 Professional Cover image & Profile images for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Total 40+ Images in png, Jpg & editable PSD formats.

Use these images to create professional social media pages or YouTube channels instantly for your clients.

10 Ready to Use Social Media Posts with Viral images

Use these social posts to manage & update client's Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages for entire 1 month and get the idea on how to do that for yourself after that so they can manage their pages easily.

These posts includes social updates about
i) Coupons
ii) Info/Tips
iii) Events
iv) Quizzes
V) Viral posts etc.

Customers always check about a business on social media for their reputation before buying anything from them. Attorneys need a proper social presence online and we created all the tools and handing over these tools to you to serve them better. Sounds good! Right?

But we don't stop here, there is still a lot more to come.

Tool #4
Attorney Print-Ready Commercial Graphics
40+ Editable Brochures, Business Cards, Coupons, Proposal Templates etc.

There is hardly any business owner out there who don't use business cards to market their business, and it represents their brand.

60% of shoppers actively look for coupons before making a purchase And... a business is as good as it presents itself and eye catchy graphics are the best way to present a business as an authority in their market. So businesses are paying $1000-2000 for getting their print ready commercials done NICELY.

That's why we have created a set of 40+ fully editable graphics templates (5 variations of 8 different modules) for you. It hardly takes few minutes of work to get entire branding package done for your client using these templates.

This package comprises of-

Within this 4th Consultation tool, I'm talking about 40+ gorgeous and high quality designs in which my personal graphic designers have placed their heart and hard work for you. In a few clicks, you can edit them yourself so you'll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

These will come in ready to go JPG & PNG format & also comes in editable PSD format so total 120+ files.

That’s not all, as I told you, we have a Complete SET of professional Tools for you.

In order to sell your services to Attorneys, you need a professional website for your agency that includes an impressive portfolio to present you as an AUTHORITY.

For helping you with this, we are providing you:

Tool #5
Ready-to-Go Local Consulting Agency Website
Start selling your all the 4 HIGH DEMAND services to Attorneys instantly.

  • Website comes in 5 colors.
  • Website includes all the necessary pages like Services, testimonials, ready-to-go portfolio to present your customers as an AUTHORITY in Local Consultation market.
  • Compatible with ALL the Devices Including Mobile Phones
  • Insta-Consulting Website templates also comes in 5 colours and will collect each and every lead of your prospects.

As a Next step, to get clients continuously, you need to convert these leads into high paying customers in due course of time. And as we said, we want to give you everything you need to get succeed. I mean everything...

So we went even further and giving you complete prospecting stuff that includes

Tool #6
High Converting and Doodle like Prospecting Video for Attorneys

We have created 2-3 minutes of professional video, ready-to-upload on YouTube and send to your prospects. After watching this hypnotizing video Attorneys just can’t refuse your offer and BEG you to pay you for your professional services.

  • Video Comes in MP4 format so works great on all the devices
  • It also comes with all the raw footage files so you can edit them however you want.
  • Professional US voiceovers...
  • You'll get a professional sales video script written by our expert offline marketers to convert your prospects into paying customers of your high ticket services.

Tool #7
3 Ready-to-use Auto-responder Series

We are also giving you 3 ready-to-use email swipes for Attorney niche. Just set these emails in your favorite autoresponder service provider to deliver on DAY 1, DAY 3 & Day 7.

These will warm up your prospects for your High Ticket services and motivate them to set a meeting for final discussion about pricing and method of delivery.

Tool #8
3 Hypnotizing Telemarketing Scripts

We are also giving you 3 Hypnotizing Telemarketing script with having different scenarios in mind.

Use these Step-by-step scripts to talk on phone or on meeting so prospects only say YES for your services and FINALLY let Attorneys beg you to pay $1000 a POP for your Professional services.

We have a lot to say about our Amazing and All-in-One consultation toolkit. But let me tell you

What Other Experts Are Saying About Our Insta-Consultant Toolkits...
- Paul Counts
"I just went through this Insta Consultant package and I was blown away! This is a super simple way for anyone to become a local consultant! After going through this you have me thinking about dusting off my old Internet marketing agency! I even reviewed the material on my iPhone, and everything looks flawless! The responsive web design that you can use for your various clients is easy to use and edit!

The video offered in this package can be easily customized, and honestly after watching the dentist video I realized I needed to go into see my dentist!
Great work, and you can't help, but make money with this package!
- Nataliya Piterova
I have been always admiring professional approach of Dr. Amit and his team! His products are always of high quality and value. And this time he exceeded himself! I was amazed to see a new product - a pot of gold as it's a turnkey business for offline marketers. I was looking for such a product to offer offline consulting services to my local market. That's exactly what I need.

Being a completely newbie in offline consulting I get all necessary training, professional graphics, support and tools to make a fortune offline as well. The fact I can kill two birds with one stone makes me even happier as there is a chance to resell this product for high commissions! Thanks for a new masterpiece, Dr. Amit!
- Aurelius Tjin
I don't write testimonials very often but couldn't help but write one after seeing the immense value you're going to get out of this toolkit. This can save a lot of time and money as it includes everything that one needs to offer professional services to their clients!

Dr. Amit & Dr. Nimisha do it for a living, so they know exactly what to offer clients. It's a no-brainer if you're serious about this business.
- Kayte-Lee
This is a high quality and very complete toolkit for anyone who wants to easily provide web, design or consulting services in their local market. Clients will be impressed and willing to pay premium fees for this type of creatives and features.

Dr. Amit and Dr. Nimisha nailed it on this one. It's a huge time saver and a tiny investment for its real value and will be easily covered with just 1 client!

So now you already have experienced the POWER of Our Attorney Toolkit. This is a complete ALL IN ONE solution that your EVERY Client will surely pay $3000+ for.

As you can see now, a minimum estimate a Small Business will have to invest is something around...

  • $1,000 on Websites Development
  • $500 in Corporate Video Creation
  • $700 in Offline Marketing Commercial Graphics Design
  • $300/month in Social Media optimization
So a total of $2,500 for a basic quality service. A service that is not comparable to the package you will offer them.

If you offer them your services at 60% discount, it's still $1,000+ from each and every client. Just see how much shutterstock is charging for just 1 graphic template:

$400 for an extended license of just 1 commercial graphic. We are giving 40+ templates like that so you have to pay over $1,000 for ONLY 1 of our Tool.

A single template from template monster or any other template site will set you back $97... And it still won't have all the features that our business templates gives you. AND creating your own video commercials to sell is easily $500 for any halfway competent outsourcer.

And as for the graphics... Envato will charge you $400 for extended use for just 1 graphic!

But with this Toolkit you get EVERYTHING... an excellent business website template, ready-made video commercials, social media toolkit, over 40 graphics templates and all sort of prospecting stuff.

So It's fair to price this Complete Toolkit at One time $2,500 or lets set a price of $100 for serving one client of yours.

I am sure, it's still profitable.

Well, it really does cost us a lot more than $2500 and six-years of painful experience for sure. But I am not asking $2500 from you,

We are giving it all for amazingly LOW price BUT for very limited time.

And, we don't stop here,
Act Now & Get These Amazing "Fast Action" Bonuses

We always believe in going that extra mile in order to keep you happy and satisfied. So, we will be offering you 4 AWESOME bonuses with this Pack.

Bonus 1

5 Fully Customizable Logo Templates

  • 5 logo templates to use on Attorney’s business website. Just customize them a bit to serve your clients instantly.
  • Comes in JPG, PNG & Editable PSD format.
Bonus 2

Ready-to-use Content for your Agency Site and Clients Websites

  • No need to invest your time on it, we have done it all for you.
  • We did research and wrote about services available, headlines, taglines and call to action content for Attorney's business websites and your agency website.
  • You also will get ready-to-use content for Necessary pages like about us, contact us and privacy policy.
  • Use these to get more ideas and to save your time in research for Attorney niche.
Bonus 3

Step-By-Step Toolkit Setup Training

We will not leave you by yourself. We will even show you how to set up all this and be up and running in the next 48 hours with this amazing and Professional ToolKit for business owners. Step-by-Step Trainings on:

  • How to create a beautiful & user friendly websites for businesses
  • How to create a custom mobile website
  • How to Edit & use our Video Commercials
  • How to Edit & use our social media toolkit
  • How to Edit & use our ready-to-print graphics
  • And much more...
Bonus 4
David Sprague

Step-By-Step Training - How to make a Profitable online income through Local Marketing

(Limited to 1st 1000 Buyers Only)

This Special BONUS TRAINING will show

  • A complete system that gives a guaranteed online success & an awesome strategy that will help you bring more & more clients
  • How he & others are building online residual incomes with customers paying them month after month for years
  • How to build a online marketing business that gives you automatic monthly income with little to no sales experience
  • How he makes $300 - $500 in 21 minutes automatically every single month through trust trigger method

    Introducing EXCLUSIVE Training from highly experienced Offline Consultant and Trainer, "David Sprague".

So Let's RECAP EVERYTHING and See Yourself
How Much Value We Have Put Into It

And that's not all

We have also included 4 AWESOME bonuses including 5 LOGO templates, ready-to-use content for your website and your client website, and step-by-step toolkit setup training videos and a LIVE webinar that surely enhance the value of this package.

Trust me, by getting your hands on this package, you are on the road to success in a well-directed manner. If we add those up we see that the total value of this package is OVER $3000.

But for a VERY LIMITED TIME, you're getting a huge $3,000+ of value for Less than $10.

Just hit the button below now and everything will be added to your members' area, and you can start building your offline business right away.

So What Are You Waiting For? Try Our Attorney Toolkit for

No Profit share, you keep 100% of profit

Let's Make It a HUGE NO-BRAINER with Our Amazing
30 Days Money Back Guarantee...

Our ultimate toolkit is going to help you in starting your very own and profitable consultation business.
If you came to the conclusion that, HONESTLY nothing of this has helped you in any way, you can take advantage of our "30-day Money Back Guarantee" and simply ask for a refund within 30 days!

Note: For refund, we will require a valid reason along with the proof that you tried our system but it didn't work for you!

I am considering your money to be kept safe on the table between us and waiting for you to APPLY and successfully plug in this product to eventually start making money, so then you can feel it was a great investment.

Remember the 4 painful ways of starting an offline consultancy? Just imagine how you would feel when you are scratching your head to find out where or to whom you will provide your services to!

How it feels to not get anywhere as an offline consultant, spend ages building websites, months of time in creating graphics & videos that are not even upto mark to deliver what business owners want in term of sales & leads.

There is a BIG learning curve involved in driving them maximum results and The worst scenario, you know how to be successful, but you don't have the required tools in your hand that enable you to give the financial freedom and a comfortable life to your family that they deserve.

Don't worry, all these problems have a simple solution attached. Just imagine, how amazing it's going to feel to be able to land clients easily thanks to their awesome business websites, and be able to create those websites in minutes and...

What if your happy & satisfied customers come back to you again for another video or print ready graphics service of yours? Isn't it great to help business owners drive more sales & leads by just getting your hands on this Amazing Toolkit?

But remember, this deal is ONLY available for a few days. If you don't grab it now, your chance will be gone for good.

Don't miss your LIMITED TIME opportunity! Try Our Attorney Toolkit for 30-Days Risk Free

No Profit share, you keep 100% of profit

To Your Success,

Dr. Nimisha Vijay

Dr. Amit Pareek

P.S. All the Tools we are giving in this POWER PACK are awesome and completely ready to start profiting big with them. It can't get BETTER THAN THIS.

You have seen the HUGE DEMAND in Attorney Niche & now you have the chance to have Right tools in your hand. TAKE ACTION without wasting your valuable time & collect your First FAT check from a local business owner nearby YOU.

I am sure you will be HAPPY that you took ACTION to give financial FREEDOM to your family. This is the right opportunity at right time for you to start a very lucrative Local consultancy business. So,

Download InstaConsultant- Attorney Toolkit NOW by clicking here.

P.S.S. Time is RUNNING OUT of your hands. Don't waste even a single second thinking about this. Believe me, it's either NOW OR NEVER. Don't wait for something to happen, TAKE ACTION NOW & start offering Professional Services to Attorneys BEFORE your competitors DO IT.

No Profit share, you keep 100% of profit

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